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Talc, also called white gold, is a mineral with extensive applications in the industry. As an essential compound used daily, adequate conditioning is extremely important to ensure that the final product is of the highest quality and purity. euroTalc, a company specialising in the extraction and production of talc, started up a sorting plant at the end of 2020 to continue to meet the high demand for its already well-known top-quality talc.


The Elisabeth mine, located in Gemerská Poloma / Slovakia, is classified as one of the largest and richest talc deposits in Europe. Intending to extract the resources and process them in the most optimal way, euroTalc manages the mine guaranteeing the highest-quality standard in operation and product quality.
The modern technology employed in the mine and during the subsequent processing of the material makes it possible to produce more than 60,000 tons of high-purity white talc annually. euroTalc is a sub-company of euroFillers Group, which is a subsidiary of two international family companies from Austria and Spain. The overall concept is based on ecological angles in a long-term understanding.


euroTalc processes talc in the most modern processing plant in the world; this complex required a classification stage capable of enriching the talc content of the product to reach an adequate quality parameter for the next production stage.
The opportunity to find a single contractor that offers complete mineral handling solutions from the project design to the commissioning of the turnkey plant is not always an easy task. Our commitment to euroTalc was to develop a Material Handling System with the required sorting stages designed specifically for their particular needs.


The tests with samples of our material at REDWAVE gave a good prospect for the project. The sorting results in operation of the new plant are topping the tests which is more than satisfactory. Due to the Covid-19 restrictions during the erection of the plant we have to thank REDWAVE that we could keep the original time schedule and the plant was taken into production on time.

Florian Schoiswohl, Project Manager at euroTalc


We designed, developed, delivered, installed and commissioned a complete talc sorting plant, the entire system consists of crushing, screening, conveying, storage, washing and the sorting stages. The sorting is based on NIR-SSI and color detection, we have installed the “REDWAVE ROX Belt sorter’ for the fine material and the “REDWAVE ROX Chute sorter” for the coarse material.



Despite COVID-19 related travel restrictions, we were able to complete the project within the agreed timeframe and to the fullest satisfaction of the customer, this was also possible due to the good collaboration between the euroTalc team and our REDWAVE project team.
Following a preliminary test to ensure that the company's standards were met, euroTalc ordered the sorting plant in February 2020. The mechanical installation started in September 2020 and was completed in December of that same year. euroTalc and REDWAVE started up successfully the new sorting plant in January 2021.