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New standards in performance and precision


The cutting-edge REDWAVE XRF fine sorting machine sets new benchmarks for sorting fine materials in the metal recycling industry. It can accurately detect and sort a blend of non-ferrous metals starting from a size of 4 mm, to produce high-quality products such as pure copper, brass, zinc and precious metal fractions.

XRF Sorting Technology
for Non-ferrous metals from 4 mm


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Innovative belt system designed specifically for fine materials

Developed specifically for materials measuring from 4 mm, the machine employs a unique belt system instead of a chute system, drawing on the company‘s extensive experience and cross-application know-how. Compared to conventional chute systems, the belt system boasts maximum precision. This is particularly advantageous when sorting fine metals, as they can be precisely identified and accurately ejected. The belt system offers significant benefits over the chute system when handling fine, small, and round materials.


REDWAVE Belt systemVSChute system
Optimal for small and rolling parts (4-25 mm) Optimal for large parts (from 4 to 25 mm)
Uniform conveyance prevents changes in speed or position of the parts, allowing for accurate sorting. Controlling the slippage of small parts is challenging. Frequent changes in speed and position can reduce the quality of the final product or output rate.
The new and innovative REDWAVE belt prevents material from snagging.  Due to humidity and dirt fine materials may stick to the chute.
The trajectory is controllable and remains constant, which ensures accurate sorting. The trajectory of small materials changes and is unpredictable making precise sorting difficult.
Highest precision and performance for sorting fine, small, and round parts Highest precision and performance for sorting coarse material. 


From pioneer to world market leader

Service-optimised and easy to maintain
  • Easy-to-maintain design, optimised for easy access and quick service calls
  • Belt exchange can be carried out very quickly

Technological highlights of the REDWAVE XRF fine sorting machine

  • Innovative in-house REDWAVE sensor-technology
  • Enables higher purity and efficiency for fine material sorting
  • Incorporates the most advanced sensor technology with a significantly larger number of sensors, resulting in higher scan rates, resolution and precise detection of fine materials
  • Utilises an increased number of energy-saving, high-speed valves for the most efficient metal sorting
  • Delivers a higher recovery rate for precious metals
  • State-of-the-art belt system specifically designed for fine, small and round materials (from 4 mm)
  • XRF sensors with simplified object recognition via laser support
  • Heavy Metals
  • IBA
  • Cliff/Candy
  • Copper
  • Precious metals
  • Brass
  • Zinc
  • Bronze
  • Stainless steel
  • Various aluminium grades
  • Etc.