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Innovative and holistic solutions

for waste processing and recycling


mechanical processing

  • Maximum yield of substitute fuel from waste
  • Recovery of valuable materials:
    - Ferrous and non-ferrous metals
    - Plastics
    - Glass, stones, ceramics
  • Reduction of disposal in the landfill
  • REDWAVE's own sensor-based sorting machines


mechanical-biological processing

  • Maximum yield of dry, clean, solid substitute fuels (SRF) and recycable materials
  • Customized systems for:
    - Co-incineration
    - Advanced waste-to-energy technologies (gasification)
  • Minimising disposal in the landfill
  • REDWAVE's own sensor-based sorting technology
  • REDWAVE Biocell technology for biological tunnel drying


box composting stabilisation

  • Aerobic treatment and composting of digestate
  • Separately collected organic composting
  • Sewage sludge composting
  • REDWAVE Biocell technology for tunnel composting for the sanitation and stabilisation of greenwaste

As a specialist in the field of sensor-based sorting technology as well as an experienced plant construction company in mechanical-biological waste processing, we combine 20 years of know-how and experience from both areas to implement tailor-made concepts for our customers from a single source. On the basis of automated, mechanical processing and sorting techniques, waste is processed into high-quality secondary fuels that safely meet the requirements of fuel users. In addition, the use of our sensor-based sorting technology enables a maximum of recycling for all recycling materials contained in the waste, such as metals, plastics, glass and mineral products.

Biological drying can significantly improve the sorting ability especially of moist and highly organic waste; this leads to improved product quality for recycling materials as well as to high-quality, dry secondary fuels with a high calorific value and a low proportion of contaminants on the other. Our customers benefit twice from our holistic approach – interfaces between different suppliers are avoided, the profitability of the processing concepts is significantly improved through the high added value. The large number of reference projects around the world highlights the technical performance and reliability of our plant concepts. At the same time, it is an expression of customer satisfaction around the globe that has grown over decades.

Improved sorting ability through a special, biological drying process - for even higher recycling rates.

Composting and digestate treatment

Another focus of our range of services is the construction of turnkey plants for the environmentally-friendly composting of organic waste, such as kitchen waste, leftover food, sewage sludge and, increasingly, digestate from fermentation plants for biogas production. In order to be able to use these materials as valuable compost, special plant systems are required, which initially mechanically free the waste from contaminants such as plastics and metals and then biodegrade it under controlled conditions (box/tunnel composting). A mechanical final packaging ensures the required high-quality compost. Our company has more than 20 years of experience in the planning, construction and operation of composting plants worldwide.



Mechanical and Biological

Waste Treatment Plant


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Range of services:

  • Initial consultation on the project fundamentals
  • Feasibility studies
  • Concept planning
  • Design planning (basic engineering)
  • Execution planning, creation of work drawings (detailed engineering)
  • Support for the procurement process
  • Manufacturing, delivery and installation of the systems
  • Project management and documentation
  • Training of staff, service

We have more than 20 years of experience in planning, construction, and operation worldwide.



Mechanical waste treatment

  • Maximum yield of substitute fuel from waste
  • Recovery of valuable materials
  • Reduction of landfilling 

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Mechanical-biological treatment

  • Maximum yield of dry, clean, solid substitute fuels (SRF) and recyclable materials
  • Tailor-made systems
  • Minimising landfilling

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IV Composting

Proven IV systems for> 20 years for:

  • Aerobic treatment and composting of digestate
  • SSO composting (high quality)
  • Sewage sludge composting

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Try the machines yourself

The REDWAVE test and innovation centre, newly built in 2020, was not only built for continuous improvement and advancement in research and development; primarily it is there for our customers. Our test centre is always available for sorting tests.

Would you like to test sorting applications for your company? Then please get in touch with your personal contact in Sales or at


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