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Austria is a country where environmental awareness and environmental protection are a heartfelt matter for people and are taken very seriously. It was therefore no accident that this environmentally-friendly atmosphere inspired the founding of REDWAVE.

The REDWAVE brand, representing the recycling and waste processing division and associated sensor-based sorting technology of BT-Wolfgang Binder GmbH (founded 1997), was established in the green heart of Austria in 2004. That was when company founder Mr. Heinrich Fuchs decided to expand the company beyond its original portfolio of plant solutions for the mineral and conveying industries.

The vision was always clear and provided profitable and intelligent solutions for waste problems. In addition, it provided vital ideas to the recycling economy for the preservation and use of resources.

With over 100 employees at the headquarters in Austria and other branches in America, China, Germany, and Singapore, REDWAVE grew into a renowned international company and a reliable, innovative partner in the recycling industry.

Customers, industry colleagues, experts and research institutions. We are all part of it.

We love what we do and we want to do it for a long time. Research, innovation, sustainability and intelligent technology are our driving forces.

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We are a team of over 100 employees in Austria and additional branch teams in America, Germany, China and Singapore striving to provide the best possible support and advice for our customers worldwide.

What unites us is our passion and the courage to shape the future of sorting technology in the recycling, waste and minerals sector and to create unique and efficient solutions for our customers.

How do we implement our visions? Knowledge and many years of experience in plant and mechanical engineering, joy and courage in innovating, trust and the freedom to allow creativity. And of course close relationships to our customers in order to keep up to date with new challenges. This is the only way our ground-breaking solutions can mature for our customers and our environment.


The vision has always been clear: We provide profitable and intelligent solutions for waste treatment to use and reuse resources. We help our customers to be pioneers in the recycling industry and take responsibility for an efficient circular economy. For a future worth living and for our children!


Our mission as an innovative provider of intelligent sorting solutions is to make our customers' daily recycling routine as efficient and easy as possible through cutting-edge technologies, expert knowledge, and partnership-based cooperation before, during and after project implementation.

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REDWAVE - history

With great vision, courage and enthusiasm, Heinrich Fuchs dared to become an independent entrepreneur and started the company BT-Wolfgang Binder GmbH in 1997 with only seven employees, in which Mr. Wolfgang Binder, Managing Director of the BT-Group, took an interest.


The REDWAVE brand was founded in 2004 and has since been active in the fields of recycling and waste treatment using the REDWAVE sorting machines. These sorting machines have not only developed a lot technically in the last few decades, but their appearance has also changed a little.