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Get ready for your support in the recycling plant!


REDWAVE mate  your "artificially intelligent support"
Another step towards artificial intelligence has been taken in the recycling sector,
to support you in the operation and optimisation of your recycling plant in the future!
24 hours a day ... 7 days a week ... 100%!



The REDWAVE 2i technology is based on machine learning and artificial intelligence. Different types of sensors are linked with this technology. Predictive parameterisation and further steps in the direction of artificial intelligence are bringing REDWAVE mate to life now. The reliable and continuous support in the recycling industry – for monitoring and optimising the entire sorting system!


REDWAVE mate is the first system to measure qualities and to record and evaluate information during production. The data is not only used as a source of information and for monitoring purposes, but also to ensure optimum system and sorting operation. Artificial intelligence increases system availability and sorting efficiency. It also maximizes yield and purity. The communication between the sorting machines takes place in real time. Cross-platform monitoring makes the flow of information easy to manage.

With REDWAVE mate, yield and purity are maximised.


How does REDWAVE mate support the system?

  • Optimisation of the plant and sorting operations
  • Sorting rates and final quality are improved and optimised with REDWAVE mate
  • Increase in system availability and sorting efficiency
  • Cross-platform monitoring of the material flows in the plant
  • Individual data from the machines is compared, and recommendations for parameterisation are given
  • Data for plant personnel. e.g. operations managers, is always available immediately
  • Availability on all common mobile devices
  • Data can be exported and further processed


REDWAVE mate is the centre for all process-relevant information within the recycling plant.

  • Compatible with all system components (sorting machines, conveyor belts, screening machines, etc.)
  • Integration in every process control system
  • Continuous data exchange

Linking the REDWAVE 2i to one another

  • Mutual optimisation
  • Plausibility check
  • Demand-oriented adjustment of the settings
  • Remote maintenance support
  • Data exchange among one another


Another step in the field of digitisation has been taken in the recycling industry to be able to offer customers the best possible transparency for their machines and systems. REDWAVE mate was developed to offer customers the best possible transparency of their machines and plants. The possibility to access or monitor and communicate with your systems and machines is given anytime, anywhere.

With REDWAVE mate, we have created artificially intelligent support that also helps you with operating a sorting plant or individual sorting machines as efficiently and profitably as possible.




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REDWAVE mate enables cross-platform monitoring of the material flows in the systems.