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Corporate Responsibility

We assume responsibility

Many regions of the world are faced with major challenges regarding environment and prevention of disease. Children are growing up in living conditions not fit for humans, surrounded by garbage, pollution, disease, without schooling, with no hope for the future. We have set ourselves the goal of providing sustainable and long-term support with a recycling community project.

Wolfgang Binder
Founder of the BT-Group Help

“We have set ourselves the goal of helping the poorest continent. For one, this support is provided by finding solutions for the environmental issues and making them available. Material donations ensure that sustainable recycling can be done there. Secondly, the support should directly benefit children in need."


Silvia Schweiger-Fuchs
Managing Director of REDWAVE

“With this long-term project, we are pursuing the goal of improving the lives of girls and boys in Africa, who don't have the privilege of having been born into a functioning society. They often grow up in the midst of waste, pollution and contamintaion, poverty and disease, with hardly any possibility to escape the vicious circle of poverty and social chaos. What these children need is long-term improvement and the potential to bear responsibility for their own future: Helping people help themselves. For this reason, we invest part of our earnings in people - in children - in their future and in our environment!"


BT-Group Help is the social commitment of companies from the BT-Group and their employees.


At the end of January 2020, we travelled to Africa and to see ourselves the condition there. We visited schools, slums, the Ministry of Recycling and Environment as well as all recycling companies, so that the BT-Group Help can develop, together with the Jesuit mission, feasible and sustainable projects.

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