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The new generation of intelligent sorting technology


Your digital friend and supporter in the sorting system for optimised system operation.



Sensor fusion for material and colour recognition


Sorting task
  • Mixed household waste
  • Substitute fuels
  • Plastic sorting
  • Paper sorting
  • Separation of plastics from waste glass
  • Construction and demolition rubble

High resolution camera for colour recognition
Optional with near infrared for material separation


Sorting Task
  • Glass sorting
  • REDWAVE CX for coarse grains
  • REDWAVE CXF for fine grains
  • REDWAVE CXP for sorting plastics

X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy
to identify materials based on their chemical composition


Sorting task
  • Metal sorting
    Sorting of non-ferrous metals, ZORBA, ZEBRA,  TWITCH,  ZURIK,  IBA,  BIRCH/CLIFF etc.
  • Glass sorting
    Separation of glass ceramic and leaded glass
  • Mineral sorting
    Sorting and enrichment of ores

Depending on the application:


  • High resolution camera
  • Near infrared sensors
  • Sensor fusion
  • XRF technology
Sorting task
  • Industrial minerals
  • Ores
  • Precious metals
  • Gemstones

In addition to our sorting machines, we offer conveyor belt solutions especially adapted to the application in the recycling industry.