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Plastic recycling with REDWAVE 2i

Revolutionise your plastic sorting with sensor-powered efficiency

The recovery of single-type plastics and other recyclable materials is an ever greater and more important challenge for the processing industry.

Through intensive research and development work, we always offer you the latest in sorting technology. The areas of application in plastics sorting are often very different. For example, hollow bodies (PET, HDPE, PP, etc.), foils (LDPE, PP, etc.) and biodegradable plastics can be efficiently recovered; chlorine-containing compounds (PVC), plastics with flame retardants, paper, wood and metals can be effectively eliminated.

The REDWAVE 2i generation operates with Sensor Fusion which combines near-infrared, RGB cameras and metal sensors for optimum sorting quality. When compared with conventional sorting machines, REDWAVE 2i provides additionally essential advantages for the plant operator concerning maintainability, installation and ongoing operation. But above all REDWAVE 2i is the latest generation in sensor based sorting focused on intelligent interactivity between: human–machine–computer.

Sorting of:
  • Household waste
  • Commercial waste
  • Electronic waste
  • RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel)
  • Construction waste
  • Flakes
Recovering of:
  • Hollow bodies (PET, HDPE, PP, etc.)
  • Films/foils (LDPE, PP, etc.)
  • Biodegradable plastics
Rejecting of:
  • Chlorine-containing compounds (PVC)
  • Plastics with flame retardants
  • Paper and wood
  • Metals

With the 3-way sorting machine REDWAVE 2i and material recirculation on a divided machine, it was possible to save two complete sorting machines in the process. For what others need four sorting machines, we need only two. Of course, that saves costs; not only in the purchase!

Herbert Prammer, owner and CEO at Nemetz

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The REDWAVE test and innovation centre, newly built in 2020, was not only built for continuous improvement and advancement in research and development; primarily it is there for our customers. Our test centre is always available for sorting tests.

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