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Ready to run! 

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Ein Tag bei REDWAVE

und Saubermacher mit unserer Patenklasse der HTL Weiz.

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Wiedergewinnung von Hochleistungsdämmstoffen 

International Women's Day 2022

Celebrating women's achievement. Raising awareness against bias. Taking action for equality.


From 1 to 1,000!

It’s a good time to THANK you for your partnership within the last years because we just built our 1,000st REDWAVE sensor based sorting machine.


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Ein erfolgreiches und schönes Jahr 2022!

Wir wünschen unserer Patenklasse 1AFME der HTL Weiz alles Gute fürs neue Jahr!

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and a happy new year from the whole REDWAVE team


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Circular Economy – Circular Foam

The European Green Deal project "Circular Foam" aims to find a sustainable solution for PU rigid foams. REDWAVE supports this international research…

We wish you a pleasant pre-Christmas Season!

Happy December and Holiday Season!


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REDWAVE sorting technology for REILING

The latest REDWAVE sorting technology has been installed at Ruhrglas Recycling’s Lünen plant following an investment of almost four million euros by…


REDWAVE feierte im Kreise ihrer Familien, Kolleginnen und Kollegen der BT-Group

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Longtime REDWAVE employee takes over operative business of the US subsidiary

Martin Weiss becomes new COO of REDWAVE Solutions US LLC

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