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Sorting machines for metal recycling


X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) is capable of detecting the chemical composition of materials. This means that by sorting with XRF, you can separate mixes of non-ferrous metals into the individual constituents like aluminum, zinc, copper, stainless steel, and more. Simply change the sorting program on the included HMI, and you can sort the metals you want, all with one machine.



This technology is based on machine learning and artificial intelligence. In metal recycling it is used to detect different metals using a colour camera in combination with an all-metal strip for detection.


With the innovative REDWAVE technology many new possibilities in sorting all kinds of non-ferrous metals will arise in the future.

Andreas Säumel, Managing Director, Mayer Recycling GmbH
Sorting of ZORBA and ZEBRA

Sort individual metals using the same machine. By using the REDWAVE XRF/C to sort specific metals with each cycle, turn your ZORBA, TWITCH and ZEBRA into higher quality, money-making products


Sorting of IBA

Surface contamination doesn't affect XRF detection – you can sort your IBA with ease. Recover all the usable metals in the stream to get the most out of the material.


Sorting of ZURIK

Sort ZURIK with the same machine as ZORBA and all other non-ferrous metal types applying the same principles. Molybdenum-based stainless steel (316 and 317) can be sorted out, upgrading stainless steel to higher grades.


The REDWAVE has become a reliable and powerful cutting tool.

Kurt Breischaft, President of SDI LA Farga LLC
REDWAVE XRF machine facts
  • Future-proof investment – flexibility and versatility
  • Sorting widths: 450, 900, 1370 mm
  • Small footprint: 11 m2 allows for easy integration in your plant
  • Same chassis size for each sorting width, allowing for easy upgrade with the same footprint
  • Capacities of up to 14 t/hr
  • XRF and camera allows for alloy and shape recognition
  • Free fall design cuts out moving parts, decreasing the maintenance and increasing the uptime
  • Sortable material sizes from 5-180 mm
  • REDWAVE mate – statistical analysis of material composition
  • XRF can "see" through contamination
  • One machine is all you need for any application

The REDWAVE XRF/C sorter is great for securing the quality of our products. We are likely to continue to invest in more cutting-edge technology. For us, the first machine is just a beginning.

Sverker Rosdahl, Manager at Stena Recycling


Test to know your result!

The REDWAVE test centre, newly built in 2020, was not only established for continuous improvement and advancement in research and development, it is primarily there for our customers. Our test centre is available to you for sorting tests to ensure in advance whether your project is really profitable and how profitable it is.


Would you like to test sorting applications for your company? Then please get in touch with your personal contact in Sales or at




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More than 100 REDWAVE XRF sorting machines worldwide in use:
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